I am running for State Rep to give Delaware County a voice in Harrisburg. For too long, our interests have taken a back seat to partisan fighting, or – even worse – our Representatives have been beholden to out-of-touch political leaders from other parts of the state who take tax dollars out of Delco to spend in their own remote districts. This is a bad deal for Delco, and it's time for a change.  

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Making corporations and the mega-wealthy
pay their fair share

The gap between what we make and the profits of large corporations and mega-wealthy Pennsylvanians hasn't been this large since right before the Great Depression. This means that the super-rich are getting richer while the rest of us have seen our incomes stay flat or decline when adjusted for inflation. This hurts small and medium size businesses and families across Delaware County.

I'm going to close the corporate tax loopholes that allow this to happen and make sure everyone pays their fair share. The taxes they will be paying will be used to fund our schools and support small and medium sized businesses so everyone has a shot. 

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Addressing and curbing the OPIOID epidemic

As head of a major labor union with thousands of members, I've seen first-hand what opioids can do to families and entire communities. Treating this epidemic won't be easy, but it has to be done.

  • Ensure that every Pennsylvanian has access to quality affordable health care.

  • Provide top-tier treatment options for those who are struggling with addiction, and resources for their family and friends to help them cope.

  • Go after the source – stop the pharmaceutical corporations from profiting by pushing easier access to addictive opioids.

  • Give law enforcement the resources they need to handle those who are dealing with addiction while protecting our communities from the quality of life crimes that often surround addiction.

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I joined the Teamsters while I was in the Marine reserves because I knew that my union would provide a good job that would allow me to support my family. That was the promise of America for me and so many people before me. Now, that promise is on the verge of collapse – good paying jobs are harder to find, job security is almost non-existent, and too many people are working multiple jobs and not even getting by. I will fight for:

  • A $15/hour minimum wage that's tied to the rate of inflation so we don't have to have this fight again.

  • Elimination of the tipped minimum wage so EVERYONE is making at least $15/hour.

  • Investment in public transportation so no one is held back by not being able to get to their job.

  • Certified technical and trade school educational options for every high school student, and post-high school apprenticeship programs for students who want to stay in Pennsylvania for their careers.

  • Free or low-cost college options for every high school graduate.



GUARANTEED secure retirement

We must ensure that every Pennsylvanian is secure and dignified in their retirement. No senior should ever have to worry about whether they can afford their next meal or pay their rent after working hard their entire life. Unfortunately, Social Security and other retirement safety nets are constantly under attack and no longer a guarantee that they once were. Retirement savings accounts are underfunded, have enormous management fees, and are subject to the whims of the market. 

When these systems fail, it's up to our state's government to make up the difference. That's why I will be fighting to create a state-managed retirement savings plan with a mandated employer-match to help everyone save without forcing them to use Wall Street money managers who are more concerned with their own fat paycheck than helping save for retirement.